Sunday, November 13, 2016

Tired of God

Tired of God

photography & poetry © katy owens

Sometimes I’m tired
of a God who just cares

As the world dissolves
in pain, injustice, and tears
I demand to know 
where God’s been all these years 

And with every 
Where are you God?
The answer always an infuriating 
I’m right here with you

And sometimes I’m tired
of a God who is just with us 

I want more
I want what I deem as better
I want action and grand displays of power
from the stable-born humble babe in a manger 

Come down from that cross and
they taunt while silent Jesus
surrenders spirit and dies

He invited our violence, met insatiable power-thirst
with radical display of surrendered power and love 

Prove yourself, I continue to demand
Your mere presence doesn’t show it enough
And he looks me in the eyes, says
kill me, in three days I’ll rise

But God don’t you know they see you so poorly
And I scream for great displays of glory 
from a God with no need 
to satiate their ego

And humble human killed-on-a-tree Jesus is here

God with us. God with you. God with me.