Sunday, April 26, 2015

What Does God Look Like?

What does God look like?

God looks like Jesus.

Often the religion of Christianity says God looks like a judge, says God looks like an old, long-bearded white man far away from humanity who demands perfection and demands glory and homage. Sometimes God is painted as harsh, as a law-maker and rule-enforcer. Rarely is He loving, but rather He is judge and executioner, casting punishment and spitting fire to burn the disobedient. Sometimes people "become Christians" because they're just so afraid of hell. Sometimes Christians forget it's not about fear and escaping hell - it's not even about going to Heaven - it's about being in love with Jesus and longing to be with Him. On this side of eternity and the other.

So what, who, does God look like?

God looks like Jesus.

And in Jesus we see love and forgiveness before repentance. We see a man scorned by the law-keepers because He spent time with the law-breakers. We see a man who said "come to Me all who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest." A man who helped those who felt worthless to know they were loved because He wasn't afraid of what people would think if He was with "people like them." A man who saw those who so often went unseen. Who gave them the precious gift of time and touch. We see a man killed by the religious because He made a way for the lowly. A man whose life was ruled by mercy and grace. A man who is Love.

What does God look like?

God looks like Love.

Who does God look like?

God looks like Jesus.


When the rain falls
and worries slide
like drops down a windshield
sprinkled in drops
And the fears don't
feel so
Falling clouds
help the fears
fall away
And maybe by tomorrow
even though the mud
hasn't dried
and sometimes my
hands still feel tied
I'll start to feel,
like clouds fading into day,
a little more 

Friday, April 3, 2015

Now I See (repost for Easter)

Looking up I see
the cross

Bloodstained wood
Nine-inch nails

Reminder of
the greatest sacrifice 

Closing my tired eyes
I see

A Savior staring
back at me

Through tears of pain
sweating bullets of blood

His loving eyes say, 
"you are more than enough"

I open my eyes
See clearly

All weariness now
wiped away

His grace is enough 
for all of me

Looking up I see
the cross

My mind transformed
My life renewed 

Heart breaking 
for what breaks His

Freedom for captive
Hope for orphan

My desires are His
for love, justice, mercy, and peace 

Looking up I see
the cross

And I see myself
through my opened eyes

Lost and broken
Weak and weary

Adopted and loved
Restored and healed 

Precious in the eyes
of my loving Jesus

I see the cross
And now I can truly see